About Us

Established on 05 May 2003, ABM Serumpun Sdn Bhd was formally know as A. Besar Maintenance. It has grown from an enterprise company into a private limited company and now ABM Serumpun Sdn Bhd is in its virtue to lead the building maintenance industry specialising in Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, High-Rise (Rope Access) and Landscaping. Bits by bits, inch by inch, the company expand and establish its financial strength, professionalism, operation efficiency and clientele.

Our Vision

A statement of ABM Serumpun Sdn Bhd that will lead and become the prominent service provider in the field of building maintenance locally & globally . “Not as easy neither as straightforward as it is writer, ABM Serumpun will take it one at a time carefully plan with dedicated, creativity & professionalism on each characted course taken”.

Our Mission

A statement of the means of dedication, creativity & professionalism towards achieving the vision set. In its own philosophy & practicality ABM Serumpun is streaming towards:

  1. The correct balance of technology and resources to maximize efficiency and profit.
  2. The ISO 9002 benchmark of our structured and professional operation by the year 2015
  3. The establishment of ABM Serumpun as a public listed company.
  4. Embarking our market to South East Asia by having offices at each of the city capital by the year 2045.